Máy rửa chén, ly AD-48-64-120 HY


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Máy rửa chén, ly AD-48-64-120 HY

- Dishwashers with double skinned and insulation.
- Rotating wash and rinse system.
- Heated by means of shielded elements.
- Boiler with stainless steel heating elements for the water of the rinse.
- Automatic rinse dispenser.
- Automatic wash product doser.
- Thermostatically adjusted: wash temperature 60 ºC and rinse temperature 90 ºC.
- Digital display for rinsing and washing temperature.
- Thermo-stop rinse device at 83 ºC.
- Safety thermostats for wash and rinse.
- Drain pump and drainage cycle.
- Filters and trays in the wash tank.
- Presure pump for rinse.
- Break tank system.
- Booster pump.
- Safety system that assures water doesn’t enter during rinse.
- Safety switch for door opening.
- Adjustable legs.

Model Power
AD-48 HY 3,52 640x625x820
AD-64 HY 6,72 640x625x820
AD-120 HY 17,79 675x675x1.400
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