Lò hấp nướng đa năng JUSTA 10 khay


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Lò hấp nướng đa năng JUSTA 10 khay

Model: TE101BQ1

Temperature range: 25-250 degrees centigrade

Voltage: 380V/50Hz

Power: Steaming:14.2-15.5kw  Baking:17-18.5kw

Capacity: 10 GN1/1 "basin"

Specifications: 910x820x1080 mm

bore size: 440x645x770 mm,

height of each layer: 67mm.



Four common modes, achieving various cookings (e.g. steaming, roasting, braising, baking and frying etc.) in Chinese cuisine comprehensively.
Fully computer-controlled touch screen, with visible control, making the steps clear at a glance.
360° hot-air convection, uniform in heating, ensuring the food color and luster.
Equipped with integrated boiler, which can produce powerful steam, freely to cook.
Shelf mode, controlling the cook time of every rack independently, can cook various dishes simultaneously without being tainted by other odor.
Appointed cook: can perform timing cooking, convenient and free.
Multi-power selection (1, 1/3, 2/3), energy saving.
Automatic cleaning and delime function of boiler, with periodical reminder, can prevent incrustation efficiently and extend the service life of the device.
A variety of automatic cleaning solution, convenient and simple, save manpower
Advanced door-opening, preventing injuries caused by sudden gush of steam.

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