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Name: just twenty layer touch version of universal steam oven

Model: TE201BQ1

Temperature range: 25-250 degrees centigrade

Voltage: 380V/50Hz

Power: 37 KW

Capacity: 20 GN1/1 "basin"

Specifications: 910x820x1880 mm bore size: 440x645x1468 mm, height of each layer: 60mm.\


Just twenty touch screen universal steam oven TE201BQ1 seven advantages:

1, standardization: in all parts of the country, no matter which chef, the quality guarantee of dishes is the same.

2, mass production: mass production at a time to meet large banquet.

3, one machine for multiple purposes: one at most, to achieve steaming, baking, baking, braising, frying and other functions.

4, provincial manpower: Liberating human hands in the process of automatic cooking.

5, the provincial space: 1 square, where it can be placed.

6, professional Chinese chef team: provide a comprehensive Chinese cuisine research and development services.

Just 20 layer touch version of universal steam oven TE201BQ1 features:

1, four commonly used models, fully realize the Chinese cooking, steaming, roasting, braising, stewing, baking, frying and other cooking methods.

2, the whole computer touchscreen, visual manipulation, every step is clear.

3, 360 degree hot air circulation, uniform heating, ensure food color.

4, the meat needle mode can detect and control the internal temperature of food.

5, automatic boiler can generate strong steam to make Chinese dishes cooked freely.

6, the function of removing humidity is to force the steam generated during baking process to ensure baking effect.

7, the layer rack mode, which controls the cooking time of each layer individually, can cook many dishes at the same time, without flavour.

8, intelligent temperature control, setting the temperature and inner chamber temperature at + 5 C, making the temperature control more precise and ensuring the cooking effect.

9, difference Cooking: low temperature slow cooking, make food more tender and slippery.

10, appointment Cooking: regular cooking, convenient and free.

11, multi power rotation (1, 1/3, 2/3) to save energy.

12, boiler automatic cleaning and scale removal, regular reminder, effectively prevent scale and prolong the service life of the equipment.

13, automatic cleaning, convenient and simple, save manpower;

14, a variety of cleaning programs to meet different needs.

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