Máy nhào bột HS20 / HS30 / HS40 / HS50


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Máy nhào bột HS20 / HS30 / HS40 / HS50

It is a new dough maker. Mixer and bowl can revolve simultaneously, greatly increasing mixing speed and improving the effect. Equiped with safety covers. 

Model Bowl Volume (L) Max Kneading Capacity (kgs) Mixing Speed (r/min) Bowl Speed (r/min) Voltage (V) Power (kw) Phase Dimention (mm) Weight (kg)
HS20 21 8 185 15 ~220/3~380 0.75 ~/3~ 690X380X730 70
HS30 35 12 185 15 ~220/3~380 1.1 ~/3~ 730X430X770 90
HS40 40 16 185 15 ~220/3~380 2.2 ~/3~ 870X480X935 127
HS50 50 20 185 15 ~220/3~380 2.2 ~/3~ 920X530X935 130

Operation and Important Notes:

1. Place the machine on the horizontal floor, keep it stable, and the environment should keep in the siutable temperature.
2. Check whether the power supply corresponds to that the machine requires, and whether the wires are connected properly.
       Warning: The machine must be earthed properly (user''s power supply must have the earth wire)
3. Check the protective cover:
   Open it and the machine can''t be started. Fix it, and the machine can be started.
4. Open the protective cover, put siutable flour into the bowl every time (the capacity of the flour can''t exceed the determined maximum).
5. Fill the bowl with water, whose weight is 45%~50% if the required flour.
6. put down the protective cover and start the machine.
7. When the dough has been kneaded (probably for 8 minutes), please put stop-button so that the machine can stop working. Then open the protective cover and take out the dough.
8. During working, putting hands or hard things into bowl is forbidden. And grabbing dough with hands is dangerous.
9. During working, do not clean, oil ir lubricate the machine. 

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