Máy rửa ly FAGOR CO 400


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Máy rửa ly FAGOR CO-400


Front loading glasswasher - EVO Generation - Concept range.

Basket size: 400 x 400 mm.

Hourly production: 30 baskets/hour.

Clearance (max ware height): 275 mm.

Valid for dishes Ø 270 mm.

Wash cycle: 120".

Made of stainless steel.

The door has double skin.

Double rotating wash and rinse systems, above and below, made of stainless steel.

Wash pump: 260 W.

Tank with 2.0 kW heating element.

Tank capacity: 13 litres.

Boiler with  2.8 kW heating element.

Boiler capacity: 4 litres.

Water consumption: 2 litres/rinse.

Thermostatic temperature control: washing at 60 ºC and rinsing at 90 ºC.

Security thermostats.

Built-in automatic rinse dispenser.

Built-in non-return valve.

Safety magnetic switch for door opening.

Adjustable legs.

Total power: 3.06 kW.

Dimensions: 470 x 520 x 720 mm.

Equipment: one basket 400x400, one supplement for dishes and one cutlery container.





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