Máy xay thịt TC52


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Máy xay thịt TC52

Model TC52 meat mincer is designed for high performance. It is siutable for meat mincing. It has many outstanding advantages as follow:

- Adopted belt wheel with chain wheel drive method, structure tight, run calm and easy repair.

- The full stainlesss steel body and meat mincing unit to meet maximun hygiene standard. No sharp corner and gap to reach safty requirement.

- It is equipped with push-button switch, accord with safty quality standard.

- The max yield for the TC52 of the meat mincer is 1300kg/h approx.

- There are four wheels and four feet under meat mincer TC52.

Technical Specification

Voltage: 380v

Frequency: 50Hz

Weight: 438kg

Power: 5.5kw


Production capacity: 1300kg/h

Dimension: 800x1350x1220MM 

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